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Microsoft announces “MS Graph” to overcome the technology barriers – This integrated solution will help making the User Experience even better

Microsoft announces MS Graph

 is all set to provide the world an “Under a single roof” solution regarding their everyday technology usage. As described in the Build 2017, Microsoft wants to overcome the barriers and connect dots between people, conversations, projects and content.

Microsoft Build Conference 2017

Microsoft’s build conference went well this year with some exceptions like the little drama during demonstrating the PowerPoint’s translation feature. Other than that, we are witnessing some of the best inventions and creations this time. The Redmond tech giants are gradually emerging as the most used OS once again. Whether the user is having an iPhone, an Android device or a Windows PC, Microsoft wants to connect all the users with something common in all of them. For example Microsoft’s cloud storage service; everyone likes to use OneDrive as provides more storage space with across the platform accessibility. This very feature of Microsoft along with the other flagship features are further described below.


As described above, OneDrive is Microsoft’s default cloud storage which is inbuilt in the latest iteration of Windows. What Microsoft has planned for the service is to let the users of OneDrive make their primary storage. This will help you reduce the cost of internal storages and the best of all, you won’t be needing any external device to carry your data. To make the usage more convenient for you, your data will be stored in OneDrive which will be displayed in File Explorer. To make it more practical, Microsoft will let the users store the data in OneDrive even when there is no internet connection. To experience this change, you’ll have to wait till this Fall when Microsoft launches its next iteration of the Creators Update.


Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri, Cortana is a well-versed AI-based personal assistant for you. Earlier it was limited to the Windows users only but now, the company has broadened the spectrum by releasing the Android and iOS versions as well. To take the Cortana experience on a whole new level, Microsoft has announced to introduce a feature which will sync your PC and smartphone data in a way. For example, if you are working on a file on your PC and you log your PC off, even then you’ll get a pop up on your smartphone allowing you continue from the place where you left it. Be it an app, a document or a web page, Cortana will help you start from where you left.

Other Improvements Announced

Not only this, but the company announced some real cool tweaks for its features like Clipboard and Timeline which are being used commonly and are becoming mainstream these days. This brings us to the fact that Microsoft is pretty determined to improve the UX to newer levels.


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