It is really a thrilling statement Microsoft has 492 billion dollars market capitalization and analyst predicts it will for sure compete Google and apple, yes , it is a thrilling news.IN past market trend both of these has been a monopolistic owner of soft market.Markowaski a market analyst is extremely surprised on the current trend of market and of digital economy. He mention on his official website that Microsoft stands third on digital market and in next is perfect competitor for the big technology daddies.

He has further explained his view Microsoft has no tangible product and it online or digital company that also a possible threat to other soft empires like LinkedIn and Facebook.

msftq216 630x329 Microsoft first  trillion dollar company in comparison of huge market giants  Google and Apple
Microsoft beats revenues

In previous year Apple has been considered strong trillion dollar company ,but it has won   the title only once and captured 700 billion dollar in early 2015 .The reason of apple downfall is downfall in sales because company is face lack of quality work ,there is huge criticism from customers.

In Monday morning following capitalization of technology firm has been revealed.

  1. Apple: $622.6B
  2. Alphabet: $549.7B
  3. Microsoft: $489.3B
  4. Amazon: $358.7B
  5. Facebook: $337.6B

In this year the couple market controller of US number US securities and  exchange commission allowed the companies direct advertise the equity of the firm to the general is allowed to the companies who are making 200,000 dollar in a year.It is latest  crowdfinding policy of US Security  exchange commission.

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