Remember the rumored Microsoft cloud that was targeting Google Chromebooks? Well Microsoft finally pulled off the covers and it’s now called Surface Laptop. The operating system is Windows 10 S.

It’s Microsoft answer to Chrome OS, like the Chromebook this will be the targeted at schools or anyone that requires a more managed experience.

Security and configuration are streamlined for this Windows 10 S, the most important part of the Windows 10 S is that it will only run applications that are packaged for the Windows Store. That means that there is no side loading’s of application like you can now with say downloading and installation file from your favorite website.

All applications must go through the Windows Store so, if your app that you normally would use is not on the Windows Store then you are out of luck. So, hopefully your favorite developer package that app for the Windows Store.

Also any apps that goes to the Windows Store has to be approved by Microsoft and also they take a 30% cut of that software. Just imagine how is that going to go with the enterprise software that sells for hundreds of dollars.

4 13 Microsoft finally reveal Surface Laptops with Windows 10 S: Things you need to know about Windows 10 S

Prices start at $189, it can reach up to $2100 or more depending on the hardware configuration. This is a good strategy for Microsoft, for schools the price and the ability to manage their laptop is very important. So, price of $189 is great, it’ll give Chromebook competition for sure.

Now as for normal consumers they are looking for a laptop to buy but it will create some confusions at the store. Or what about consumer buy it and take it home and learned that they can’t install their favorite apps from their favorite website.

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Also many app developers would want to put apps to the app store and have Microsoft take 30% cut. It’s just doesn’t make sense for a small app or even a enterprise software. Maybe Microsoft marketing strategy will be clear on this before the consumer take it home. Lastly let me know in the comment section below about your thoughts on Windows 10 S Surface Laptop.