Window 10 will be the only functional window till 2020.For  almost next three year Microsoft will stop security updates of Windows 7.Company also encourage the install of Windows 10 by different mean like free to update ,set the application codes that only supports windows 10. But this also a reality that in technology world every thing get out dated after a very short while.

7296poster Microsoft encourage Windows 10 because windows 7 is expired outdated and unsafe
Windows 7

In 2010 Windows 7 upgrades will stop:

Microsoft’s subsidiary German  company salvo has given an official statement that in 2020  company will stop security update of Windows 7.Because it does not meet the latest security requirements of modern security has been the greatest concern of soft organization because sensitive data is always at the verge of security threats and hackers.All business and security organizations do not want to take the risk and cost.said Markus Nitschke Microsoft’s Germany office head.

Window 7 is outdated need to replace with new OS:

Microsoft has advice to upgrade windows 7 on the verge of it’s old security has also been the habit of every software company when the new system is introduce the old one automatically get expired.Same is the case with Windows 7.On the release of Windows 7 xp was expired same as on release of windows 8 Windows 7 will be expired.

Upon Windows 7’s release, the Windows XP were treated to the same type of abuse. This also happened for Windows 7 when Windows 8 was released.However Windows 8 is not up to the mark.It has not been totally removed from the system of user.Some until not prefer to use Windows 7 over the upgraded version.

The procedure to how you can Hide a folder in Windows 7

On Windows 10 approval:

If there are hurdles in replacement of Windows 10 Microsoft has to blame only itself.Because some user are reluctant on the upgrade of windows 10.User do not upgrade on their own wish but force them to upgrade.Window 10 has been loaded with advertisement and also has effected the popularity of Google Chrome.

Windows 10 Users Want Microsoft to Go All in on the Flat Design 462419 2 Microsoft encourage Windows 10 because windows 7 is expired outdated and unsafe
Window 10

In some authentic reports it has been notice Microsoft is consistent about the upgrade of window with out knowing the consequences .The first excuse is given that the company want to give best available option to the user and want to introduce latest version.

There is also an other update that Microsoft want to make Windows a software service model for future.It may also want the monopoly of windows 10, totally remove Windows 7 from the system.