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Microsoft Confirmed Edge Browser and the Bing Search Engine will be as defaults in Windows 10 S

Microsoft Windows 10 S

Yesterday I wrote an article on Microsoft Surface Laptop running Windows 10 S. Initially I was pretty good on it regarding good laptops for schools, good laptop for general computing, browser surfing, internet surfing, movies, Netflix, YouTube, Emails stuff like that. Those are general computing, if you don’t have to install any specialize app or you are okay with installing apps from Windows Store.

This was a good laptop for you, but actually some information came out and it has been confirmed by Microsoft. Microsoft edge browser and the Bing search engines will be the defaults and it cannot be changed by the user.

Thankfully the defaults is applied to Windows 10 S only and not the whole Window OS (including Pro and Home). Microsoft is trying to increase the edge browser market share and increase Bing searches.

Windows 10 S is mainly targeted towards schools so that Microsoft can get young kids using Microsoft products because kids are always looking for answers and they would be using Bing to look for their answers on the internet and that way Bing search engine will get improve.

It is also no surprise that Microsoft is giving away Minecraft: Education Edition free as well with every Windows 10 Surface laptop purchase because kids love Minecraft. To make it even more enticing for schools if schools are already on Windows 10 PC they would get Windows 10 S license free and also the Office 365 Education with Microsoft™ free as well.

Microsoft should be confident about their browser and let the market decide whether they want to use it or not instead of making it as a default. In response to this Microsoft said that “Users have the option like Windows 10 Pro.” While that’s true for adults that makes money and can afford Windows 10 Pro.

With that said we can easily say that the Chromebooks are not going to loose their market share as you can install any app while Microsoft Surface Laptop doesn’t allow you to.

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