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Microsoft has finally officially revealed Xbox One X, they showed off the console and official specs. They showed some games and we don’t know whether all those games going to be native 4k games. However, Microsoft promises as the true 4k resolution.

What is True 4k Resolution? Is it Native resolution?

Interestingly enough on which is basically official Xbox blog, they actually made a post with a frequently asked questions and one of the question was about the true 4k resolution.

So in that page it was actually explained that true 4k resolution may consist of native 4k resolution checkerboard / sparse rendering resolution or dynamic resolution scaling. Which is interesting statement because it means that they are pretty much doing the same thing as Sony does with the dynamic 4k.

So, it’s going to be basically a war between dynamic 4k and true 4k resolution. Interestingly enough none of these companies is actually saying anything about native resolution because they cannot really promise a native resolution in every single game and that’s both for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

asfhdgffgfsd Microsoft classifies the checkerboard rendering and dynamic resolution scaling as a true 4k resolution

Now before any of you jump to any conclusions, this is not to say that there’s going to be native 4k games on the Xbox One X. Even Phil Spencer said many times at many occasions during many interviews that it’s going to up to developers to decide what resolution they they will use and it’s also depends on what sort of game we are talking about because if we are talking about game that runs on 1080p on Xbox One, this game is going to be native 4k and it’s doable.

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Then he said that most of the 900p games with pretty much same level of graphics should run om native 4k on Xbox One X as well. And then he said which is also confirmed by Microsoft engineering that any 720p game that runs on Xbox One should use checkerboard rendering to heat native 4k resolution or dynamic resolution scaling.


  1. Just another article by the bias gaming media (BGM) that muddies the waters It makes it sound like the Ps4 Pro and Xbox One X will produce the same fidelity and performance. This is a lie.

    You see that DF(digital foundry) and other places talking about this stuff aren’t releasing or pursuing the native resolutions of these games. They have stated several native 4k games on the Xbox One x including Forza 7, Lucky Tale, and over 30 games getting 4k patches including The Witcher 3 and Gears 4.

    For Spider-Man and Daysgone they have given no info other than it being dynamic 4k, temporal injection 4k, using checkerboard rendering and barely acknowledging Sony isn’t doing good when we are talking native 4k games.

    They also haven’t explained why the Xbox One X has a major advantage which is the 12GB of RAM. Basically this is an insurmountable hill the Ps4 Pro can not climb. With the extra RAM the Xbox One X can use the high end textures at the base of the game. At that point it doesn’t even matter if the games are at 1080p the quality of the assets will be better… and not subjectively better.

    • Uhhh…if you’re using Forza, a racer, and Lucky’s Tale as your evidence of native 4k, that’s pretty weak. The fact is the majority of AAA titles will be checkerboarding/upscaling their way to 4k on the xbox one x just like they have to do on the ps4 pro, and at 30 fps for most of those titles as well. That is nothing to brag about, especially when I think most gamers would trade off on some resolution for more games delivering stable 60fps.

      I mean, for crying out loud, if you’re going to use that rationale you’re using, the ps4 is native 4k capable as well, as many games are running native 4k on it, such as TLOU remastered, Fifa, NBA 2k, Assassin’s Creed Ezio collection, etc. etc. The fact is neither console is going to be delivering native 4k for most of the big games….it’s not happening. Stop trying to convince yourself it’s happening.

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          • Yes, I did see that. I think that’s great, but unfortunately, it looks like it will be in the minority of AAA games that actually manage native 4k or either pro or x.

          • Well the Dev kits just started to ship and some dev’s still haven’t gotten theirs. Learning how to optimize for the console will take a bit of time.

            As for the Pro I don’t think it will get many AAA games if any at Native 4K that are being developed right now, simply due to it not being powerful enough or else they would have had at least one game by now in native 4K with a 1 year head start most of theirs will have checkerboard, which I think is still fine.

            I think in a years time many more games will run Native 4K as they learn how to optimize to the systems strength and actually start to develop for the X specifically with in its specs in mind.

            The X is going to be great for everyone that loves video games as it is going to push games to another level and everyone will benefit from it.

          • I think you’re taking a lot for granted. 1. there is no certainty 3rd party devs will care to optimize for the x, because it will be the console with the least gamers playing on it….devs will generally focus on the consoles that can generate the most sales for them, and with the pro and the x being close enough specs wise, they may just consider them together as one platform…you’re not going to see huge differences between the two, just as you don’t see huge differences between the o.g. ps4 and the o.g. xbox one. You pretty much get the same game on those systems, with the ps4 occasionally getting the 1080p resolution, while the xbox hits 900p in some of those games.

            2. Given the minor modifications to the cpu in the x, big games will be cpu hampered, to a lesser degree than with the pro, but they will be throttled nonetheless. Once the scorpio’s specs were revealed, it was also surmised by many with the technical know how that native 4k for most AAA games was going to be a tremendous stretch.

            I think you even hear it from Microsoft themselves….they choose to use the term “true 4k” to describe their “enhanced gaming” experiences, and not native 4k. They don’t call it that because they know the difficulty in getting there with what they have, and they also know many devs will not focus on trying to kill themselves for native 4k and would rather spend their time, assets, and resources making the game better through better lighting, effects, fps, etc. etc. I hope that down the line the optimization does get better….I’m sure it will….I’m just not as convinced as you seem to be that it’s a done deal already. I think we’re pretty far from that being the case. But I can sincerely say I hope I’m very, very wrong about it.

          • I agree many 3rd party dev’s won’t want to optimize their games for just the X, because as you said the install base is very small, but I see it more as a jump of base for future games.

            Because if AAA dev’s can develop roughly around a native 4K resolution on the X due to great optimization they would have a great base to then take to the PC were they can go crazy. At least that is what I hope dev’s do once they start to make new games. So it would be more developing for the X and PC and if there is one thing the PC community needs the most from consoles it is the optimization.

            I just hope the gaming dev community embrace the console and try to maximize its capabilities, because it would benefit everyone.

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  2. @Lisa Allford

    You didn’t properly cite your source for this article. You say XBOX Wire published the FAQ, but you provided no links. I am looking on the XBOX Wire website and I see no FAQ.

  3. It’s the kind of underhanded and sneaky sales tactic I’ve come to expect from the gaming console industry.

    • i have to point out that there is nothing false about that picture, true 4K is anything that outputs 8 million pixels on screen, native 4K obviously is, checkerboard 2160p is also outputting 8 million pixels and dynamic resolution is a mixture of both native and checkerboard, no upscalling is actually taking place, 8 million pixels is 4K, upscaling to 4K is not 8 million pixels, for example, anthem is checkerboard 2160p( confirmed by Digital Foundry ) that is a true 4K image as it is outputting 8 million pixels, then you have horizon zero dawn running on the pro at checkerboard 1800p then upscaled to 2160p (confirmed by Digital Foundry ) thats 6 million pixels rendered then stretched into an 8 million pixel space, checkerboard resolusions are just a new way of rendering an image @ 4K

      • I’m aware of the processes and methods used to reach this fake 4K but unless the internal resolution is native 4k then, in my book, it’s not actual 4K. It’s misleading and under handed.

        • you do understand that checkerboard 2160p is rendering 8 million pixels and then outputting those 8 million rendered pixels to the screen, which makes it a true 4K resolution, its just a new rendering techniche in order to reach 4K resolutions easier, checkerboard 1800p on the other hand is only rendering 6 million pixels and then upscaling those to fit an 8 million pixel screen, thats fake 4K

          • Checkerboard rendering is a less extraneous method of producing a 4K frame buffer than actually rendering it natively. Native 4K is true 4K with no tricks. Checkerboarding uses information from previous frames, so it is not a true 4K image even though the GPU is producing a 4K frame buffer. Checkerboarding has caveats such as artifacting that are not found on true 4K native outputs.

          • from a technical point of view your right its not true 4K, however from a visual point of view and without places like digital foundry who they themselves initially thought they were looking at a native 4K resolution until they did their testing, me and you are never going to tell the difference between native 4K and 2160p checkerboard, at the end of the day resolution should be the last thing anyone actually cares about, the bigger thing for me is having those 4K assets and textures, thats a big deal for me.

          • I agree that the difference is difficult to spot especially with these new techniques. Resolution also has the effect of diminishing returns the higher it goes. From my experience, a 900p to 1080p jump is easier to recognize than a 1800p to 2160p jump. For me, a 60fps framerate is the most crucial with resolution less important than a good art style and visual effects.