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Microsoft classifies the checkerboard rendering and dynamic resolution scaling as a true 4k resolution

checkerboard rendering and dynamic resolution scaling is a true 4k resolution

Microsoft has finally officially revealed Xbox One X, they showed off the console and official specs. They showed some games and we don’t know whether all those games going to be native 4k games. However, Microsoft promises as the true 4k resolution.

What is True 4k Resolution? Is it Native resolution?

Interestingly enough on Xboxwire.com which is basically official Xbox blog, they actually made a post with a frequently asked questions and one of the question was about the true 4k resolution.

So in that page it was actually explained that true 4k resolution may consist of native 4k resolution checkerboard / sparse rendering resolution or dynamic resolution scaling. Which is interesting statement because it means that they are pretty much doing the same thing as Sony does with the dynamic 4k.

So, it’s going to be basically a war between dynamic 4k and true 4k resolution. Interestingly enough none of these companies is actually saying anything about native resolution because they cannot really promise a native resolution in every single game and that’s both for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Now before any of you jump to any conclusions, this is not to say that there’s going to be native 4k games on the Xbox One X. Even Phil Spencer said many times at many occasions during many interviews that it’s going to up to developers to decide what resolution they they will use and it’s also depends on what sort of game we are talking about because if we are talking about game that runs on 1080p on Xbox One, this game is going to be native 4k and it’s doable.

Then he said that most of the 900p games with pretty much same level of graphics should run om native 4k on Xbox One X as well. And then he said which is also confirmed by Microsoft engineering that any 720p game that runs on Xbox One should use checkerboard rendering to heat native 4k resolution or dynamic resolution scaling.

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