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Microsoft Banned Chrome: Chrome Might Never Be Able To Operate On Windows 10 S

Microsoft Banned Chrome

Google would have to rework and upgrade its Chrome browser to make to meet the policies of compatible Windows. As we know that Microsoft update Windows to Windows 10 S last week, a quite hard competitor for Google’s Chrome OS.

Its seems that Microsoft developed a new tactic to promote its edge bowser by banning third-party browsers like Chrome, Mozilla etc. Microsoft recent released version of Windows 10 S only allows Apps present in Microsoft store. So, no one can further use Chrome as a default browser if running on Windows 10 S.

But ZDNet revealed this week that heavy and logical policies by Microsoft in new version Windows 10 S will not seem to able other browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera etc to get their place on Windows 10.

Your app must not jeopardize or compromise user security, or the security or functionality of the device, system or related systems. And also, Apps that browse the web must use the appropriate HTML and JavaScript engines provided by the Windows Platform.

It means that if Google rework on its popular browser and make it possible to run on Windows 10 than it’s possible that the non- Edge HTML will not allow and make it fail to work on Windows 10, as we mentioned that Microsoft will reject non- HTML architecture.

But Microsoft bought a solution for this, what do you think it may be? Of course, as money is the only solution for every bugs and problems. According to The Inquirer, firm said in a statement :

“If people would like to access apps from other stores and services, they can switch to Windows 10 Pro at any time,”

You have to pay only $50 to get access on any browser.


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