Recently, Microsoft reported to change the design and user interface for its Office 365 Web app and interface. The users can easily sign-up for Office 365 and they are not required to remember the URL of the With the greater experience with the Microsoft Office, the app launcher gets the updates for better interface with the apps on the a new Office 365 gallery. interface blog 1506336130965 Microsoft announces to redesign for the Office 365 App Launcher with better user interface

The Microsoft Office users can easily makes the information and can set personalized regarding the apps, tools and services that they are subscribed with the Store. Microsoft announces to roll out updates in this week. According to the report, In a blog post, Microsoft said that:

As we said, there is a new Office 365 gallery – it essentially analyses your subscription and usage patterns to offer you the best app for your work. “You’ll see descriptions, resources, and quick access to install desktop or mobile versions. Click Explore all your apps from or the Office 365 app launcher to access the gallery.”

Moreover, will easy to use and as well as simple, it will show to the apps and software on the top according to your preferences. There will a recommended section that is added with the latest updates, this feature will allow you to most visited apps and your activities that you are required to review.

office 365 features new 1506336189747 Microsoft announces to redesign for the Office 365 App Launcher with better user interface

You can also manage the selected items under four tabs that are as Recent, Pinned, Shared with me, and Discover. It will also allows you to search for many apps, people, documents and as well as different website from the page.

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