16 1 MICROSOFT and SEGA teamed up: GAME OVER for the competition

The Sega COO departed and as he departed he actually mention some partnerships and in these partnerships it looks like there could be possible exclusives, something maybe at E3. This partnership in particular is kind of big because it’s Sega and Sega has recently invested $500 million into bringing back old IP and doing things like making new IP. So, imagine them getting Sega to do new IP. Now, here’s the exciting part:

“Two new studios forming all new pillars in Relic Entertainment and Amplitude Studios, in addition to acquiring Crytek Black Sea (now Creative Assembly Sofia). Huge partnerships have been signed with the likes of Microsoft, Wargaming and Elex to license existing IP, release new IP and build new franchises. Additionally, a raft of fantastic best practice PC conversions have been released including Bayonetta and Valkyria Chronicles, much to the delight of fans.”

So, Sega is actually prepping to come back in a big way not too big just doubling down on their IP’s that they own and making new IP’s. Sega was a once huge heavy hitter in the IP department and with them have been partnerships with somebody like Microsoft, that is huge.

17 1 MICROSOFT and SEGA teamed up: GAME OVER for the competition

What we think is that, maybe Microsoft reached out to them because they are in short supplies of developers. And Sega has a pretty good relationship with Microsoft so, this will actually come out extremely well for Microsoft and at the end of the day we might actually get something at E3. Anyways let us know what do you guys think, hit us a comment in the comment section below.

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