Microsoft entered the Surface Laptop era by introducing the said model in the last week. The main purpose to develop this machine was actually to grab the Chromebook customers primarily with the purpose to serve the education sector. A dedicated OS has also been released for this purpose named Windows 10 S which has certain limitations as it is made for a narrower spectrum. Talking about the USB Type-C port, Microsoft seems determined to limit its usage in different technologies.

pic 147 Microsoft intentionally did not introduce the USB Type C Port in the Surface Laptop   Heres Why
A Common Misconception Regarding USB Type-C Port

As a common misconception is seen spreading among people which makes people think that USB Type-C has something to do with speed, Microsoft aims to spread awareness among people that it’s actually the port size and type of connector.
To make it easier for you, the normal USB 3.1 port uses a large sized and rectangle shaped “Type-A” interface. This port relies on a single-sided this-side-up connector. What lead to the misconception regarding faster speeds was actually the fact that USB 3.1 Gen2, Thunderbolt 3, and Type-C were all released simultaneously which drove people to the conclusion that USB Type-C is a faster and better option. Microsoft has expanded its stance on the matter by not introducing it in their Surface Laptop.

pic 148 Microsoft intentionally did not introduce the USB Type C Port in the Surface Laptop   Heres Why
Type-C Ports Can Actually Be More Confusing

In addition to the normal misconception, another problem is that one needs specific cables for using a Type-C port which all look the same. Also, sometimes the Type-C ports are used to charge their host devices. This could lead the customers to another confusion making the scene worse. To remove this confusion, Microsoft has featured only one USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A port in the Surface Laptop. Other ports include a headphone jack, one Mini DisplayPort connector, and the Surface Connect port.

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If you are thinking that the Microsoft just forgot about introducing the Type-C port in the Surface Laptop, GM of Surface Engineering, Pete Kyriacou gave an explanation for this issue:

It’s not like we haven’t known about USB-C for a long time.