Microsoft announced a big opportunity of the developers, the company allows near about  125,000 organizations in 181 markets to get access over the Teams against its looser competitor Office 365 subscribers. According to the report, thousands of organizations are already get access of the service earlier in this year.

%name Microsoft add new tools and features to its service, you can add guest to the team

With the additional subscribers, the company also add some new features to the service. The company add a guest to a team that can allows you to invite and add anyone with an Azure Active Directory account. The Microsoft team reports that they have already 870 million Active Directory user accounts and experiencing the service connecting with the Azure Active Directory apps.

However, the company add new feature, but there are still some barriers for a guest user to have complete access. But it is expected that in near future Microsoft limits the barriers and easily a Team user can access over the account. According to Microsoft’s blog post:

“Beginning today, anyone with an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account can be added as a guest in Teams. That means anyone with one of the more than 870 million user accounts–across Microsoft commercial cloud services and third-party Azure AD integrated apps–can be added as a guest in Teams. Later, we’ll add the ability for anyone with a Microsoft Account (MSA) to be added as a guest in Teams. If the guest doesn’t have an existing MSA, they will be directed to create a free account using their current corporate or consumer email address, such as or”

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