Micron has come up with the announcement of its all-new SSD lineup, the 5200 series. This series belongs to the enterprise edition of SSDs based on the 64-layer 3D NAND technology. This gives it an edge in boosting the storage capacities and power efficiency.

6pSOy3RA87usSexw After saying a goodbye to Intel, Micron comes up with its latest 5200 series SSDs with 64 layer NAND

Speaking of the models introduced in this series, we have:

  1. Micron 5200 ECO
  2. Micron 5200 PRO

There are different variants based on the storage capacities which can go up to 7.68TB. The thing to be noted here is that all these drives use the high-end 3D NAND storage which makes them capable of delivering up to 95k IOPs random reads and 33k random writes.

Specifications and Highlighted Features

60640 890 micron reveals 5200 series ssds 64 layer nand After saying a goodbye to Intel, Micron comes up with its latest 5200 series SSDs with 64 layer NAND

Micron 5200 ECO SSD

  • A 2.5″ form factor
  • Read-intensive workloads
  • SATA storage solution for cloud services and content sharing companies


  • All-purpose read-intensive SSD
  • Higher random write performance and endurance
  • Capable of bearing burst-driven transaction waves or sudden high volume web traffic

Micron Storage Business Unit Vice President and General Manager Derek Dicker spoke about the SSDs:

Micron 5200 SSDs unleash market-leading performance, capacity and reliability, paired with a rich feature set and unprecedented flexibility, adding up to the ideal storage solution for business-critical workloads. We simplified the server qualification process by leveraging the same foundational architecture that’s currently available on Micron SATA SSDs. Customers can trust the same proven controller and firmware design while taking advantage of advanced flash media for better performance, quality of service, and value.

Dave Guzzi, Micron’s Dedicated Computing Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing expressed his views as:

Today’s business-critical, virtualized workloads simply cannot run at peak, consistent performance on yesterday’s technology. Customers need advanced storage technology to achieve better performance and reliability – and a lower total cost of ownership. Fortunately, Micron offers all this along with the ease of a common platform that leverages the same proven controller and firmware design as previous SSD generations.

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