4 15 Micro Center is Seeing an impressive growth in the sale of the gaming PCs

For many PC gamers in the US, Micro Center is definitely a familiar name. Although many gamers get their PC stuff from Amazon and Newegg. For those who are looking for a best deal and are able to get to Micro Center, they are often the best choice as they are a little bit cheaper than their online counterparts.

Despite the fact they have a very small footprint as a chain in comparison to big ticket stores like Best Buy etc. They are seeing an impressive growth in the sale of the gaming PC’s and according to the Vice President Kevin Jones “There is a big contributor to this and it is none other than eSports.”

According to report from DigiTimes the Vice President again said that:

They have seen sales of gaming PC’s grow 25 to 30 percent on-year in 2016, and 200 to 300 percent from a year ago.

They are expecting this trend to continue throughout 2017. And again they are thinking eSports for this and Jones actually consider PC gaming a niche market.

3 1 Micro Center is Seeing an impressive growth in the sale of the gaming PCs

The mid-range prices on gaming PC’s last year the market really balloons even for a smaller chain like Micro Center. He does admit that some of this growth is coming from smaller retailers being closed down and obviously the fact that they have some pretty competitive partnerships with brand vendors. So, that in the combination with the fact that they are a little bit cheaper and people are going to buy from there.

These kind of prices are already attracting new customers as well, thanks to the growth of eSports. The eSports growth is noticeable because we are seeing a faster growth in the world of PC gaming than expected.

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Various other reports saying that the PC gaming is continuing to grow and we are seeing this reflected in terms of where PC games or PC versions of multi-platform games are placing on gaming charts and so on. Also there’s been increase of sales in hardware like graphics cards and Pre-built PC’s and so on.