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Michael Pachter says that Sony will drop PlayStation 4 Pro price only if Xbox Scorpio price is going to be $400


Michael Pachter predicts that Sony will drop PlayStation 4 Pro price to $350 only if Xbox Project Scorpio price is going to be $400. Now Michael Pachter is well known in gaming industry analyst that he kind of made quite a good predictions but he also was wrong on others. He actually try to predict the future based on some facts and information.

In his latest show he was talking about a PlayStation 4 Pro price drop and he actually believes that the only case that Sony would drop the PlayStation 4 Pro price would be if Microsoft shown at E3 talking about Scorpio being priced at $400. He believes that if Scorpio is going to be priced above $400, $450 or $500, he believes that the PlayStation 4 Pro would still be priced at $400.

And why is that happening? Because there’s just not enough people who are buying PlayStation 4 Pro. If PlayStation 4 Pro was selling better then developers would have better incentive to actually implement those changes.

For us the competition is always good and that is kind of our thoughts but generally speaking it’s difficult to say how much Scorpio is going to cost. However, we have heard rumors but that is not enough.

There’s also been rumours about PlayStation 4 Slim will go down to $249 so, they may as well drop the price of PlayStation 4 Pro shortly not necessarily after E3 but before the Scorpio releases and that may happen but you never know.


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