9 8 Michael Pachter says Sonys E3 is going to be rather safe and full of third party games

Michael Pachter Spoke about it recently and he has actually an opinion that Sony’s E3 conference is may actually be rather safe. So, he said that basically after the last two years where they were actually releasing an exclusives after exclusives we may have rather a safe E3 because they may not have as many new not confirmed yet exclusives in the pipeline and obviously that according to Michael Pachter.

At the same time they have already announced so many games coming for PlayStation 4 that they would be able to release at least one a year, one game a month for the next two years. They have been announcing many games for a while but most of the games still haven’t released yet. We are still waiting for Shenmue 3, Death Stranding, Final Fantasy xv remake, The last of Us, GT Sport and couple of other games.

8 17 Michael Pachter says Sonys E3 is going to be rather safe and full of third party games

Now it’s probably going to be a safe bet that they will actually show a gameplay of many of those games that we’ve seen already and also we should actually expect a lot of free third-party games coverage as well because they have been recently buying third-party marketing deals here and there.

It looks like Microsoft will have their own share over in this department as well and there’s no doubt this time that Sony will come up with some new piece because that’s always the case. We already know that there is Project OSCAR in the works and this game is being done by the Sucker Punch the same people behind the Infamous Second Son and First Light game. So, it may be actually a good time to actually announce their game and we have heard some rumors about it already.

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There’s also quite a lot of rumors and leaks about the new IP from Software so, many people wish for the BloodBorne 2 but we may actually see another new IP from them which may actually be exclusive to PlayStation 4 platform and PC as well. We’ll see how it goes, at the end of the day it’s only few days away.