1 Michael Pachter gives his verdicts for 2017 on Switch Success especially when PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio are their Competitors

I’ve been discussing Nintendo Switch ever since the console actually released, talking about how it’s sales are doing and my thoughts on the console future is that I’m maintaining a healthy dollop a tea spoon if you will of skepticism because I’m bit concerned about the longevity of the Switch because Zelda is by all accounts an amazing game but you obviously can’t sell a console on just Zelda forever. What they need is good games to keep them coming out for their console to entice new people to buy it. And of course just retain people within that very same ecosystem.

1 3 Michael Pachter gives his verdicts for 2017 on Switch Success especially when PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio are their Competitors

Now we have some comments from Michael Pachter, to be fair is wrong as often as he is right but he did talk on his web show about his thoughts on the Switch and how well it’s actually going to do. He basically said that the Switch is going to serve a similar role to the 3DS which is a fair point.

The Switch is better viewed as a handheld than a console in my personal opinion. Nintendo did a bit of a silly by marketing it as a console that can be handheld rather than the other way around and he basically said that “The Switch is going to be a compliment to PS4 or Xbox One and the PC or whatever the platform of choice happens to be as a handheld device.” Because as a handheld it is very good and he said “The Switch works really well, you’re essentially playing with the controller and screen right in front of your face.”

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It is a handheld, the cool thing about it is that your games work on the television as well. The truth is it is a great handheld. So we actually thing the Switch is going to end up selling about as well.

1 4 Michael Pachter gives his verdicts for 2017 on Switch Success especially when PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio are their Competitors

Now let me remind you that 3DS also have been slowing down in the last year or so. It is still doing well for itself and for a while it was actually beating both the sales of the Xbox One and PS4. 3DS did not have a brilliant start but it has come along to be a really really nice pickup for Nintendo fans.

However Pachter continues saying “And based on where we are in the console cycle, with Sony having announced 54 million PS4s sold, and Microsoft being around 27 million Xbox One units sold – they haven’t announced it, but the number is around there, since Sony is apparently outselling Xbox 2:1 – you have 80 million people out there who bought these, with not a lot of overlap. So Nintendo is 80 million households behind. For Nintendo to think they will beat out this lead and become the first console of choice- not so much. They are very highly likely- these 80 million people who bought a PS4 or an Xbox One are people who by definition had $300 or more to spend on a console. And odds are, the next $300 they have? Those go to the Switch

Now a little important to consider that this year we are getting the release of the Xbox Scorpio which is potentially going to eat up some of the money people might spend on the Switch because let’s say that the Scorpio comes out around some October or November time this year, which is fairly likely of course and we’ll find out for sure. So Scorpio is doing like 4K gaming, 4k capturing if recent rumors are true and has all the amazing games.

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So for some people the choice is going to be the Switch and for other it is going to be Scorpio. And if recent rumors are true, Scorpio is going to cost about 400$ or so maybe even 500$ and if it is true then obviously then obviously the Switch will win out in terms of the price tag.

So there’s a lot to consider and I think to be honest it’s a fairly accurate assumption to say that the Switch is going to be not a main console for a lot of people because again that isn’t where that particular machine shines. It more shines again when it’s handheld and if that continue’s to be the case of the games and the performance and so on. Then it will basically feel the same role as 3DS and may even see the 3DS begin to be faced out. As a lot of people who could be spending the money on 3DS will be like “Why would I? I can just get the same games on the Switch.” Especially the recent rumors about the Pokemon and all of that are true.