Most of us saw the latest trailer for Metro Exodus recently and there is something special about it. Released on the past Friday, the guys at 4A Games have left us with an unsolved mystery and that is the game’s release date!

‘The Aurora’

As far as we know about the release date of the game, it is due to be launched in ‘Autumn 2018’. We were expecting a confirmed release date for the game in this trailer but we they didn’t give us any! In fact, the trailer titled as ‘The Aurora’ which came out at The Game Awards last week, had something very exciting for us. At the end of the trailer, just before the ‘Metro Exodus’ title is revealed, you can briefly spot the date ‘AUG 8TH’.

55yH DCu4d 0UyLwOyLnwQ5e06XgXtfm1nNbXwtJt8E Did you spot anything strange in the latest trailer of Metro Exodus, The Aurora?

If The Date Is To Be Believed…

If the said date is when the game will actually come out, it means that we’ll have to wit for another 8 months for the game to roll out.

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