According to the news and rumors, Metal 12 will be used for upcoming Samsung smartphones, other wearables. The company will use this metal to its different upcoming devices. Latest trademark metal 12 will essential part of the smartphone. However, the upcoming smartphone is expected to come with new features and extremely brittle with respect to the display features. The smartphone’s chassis will be lightweight but promise to be more reliable as compare from now.

Metal 12 is a very durable and lightweight that is composed of magnesium-aluminum in the form of alloy. The metal is lightweight and the manufacturers are planning this metal alloy will be the prestige of the upcoming smartphone. This year Note 9 is expected to come with metal 12 as a premium feature. The smartphone will be a portable machine in your hands and you can operate it with more easily.

samsung metal 12 magnesium galaxy 1024x614 Metal 12 will be used for upcoming Samsung smartphones and many other devices including wearable

This metal will use for the advanced wearable and many other devices. Samrtwatches can be designed with the help of this metal. If the rumors come true, the South Korean tech giant will give devices with more refined, processed metals in the shape of premium devices. The next year Galaxy Note 9 allegedly comes with magnesium-aluminum alloy.

Metal 12 Metal 12 will be used for upcoming Samsung smartphones and many other devices including wearable

Moreover, earlier this, rumors come across when Samsung was testing for Galaxy S7 prototype with the same metals. Last year, we again heard about the S8 and S8 plus including Note 8 will be made up of magnesium-aluminum alloy. But unfortunately, the final product was totally different.

Samsung will display their upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9 plus during the MWC 2018 trade show that will confirm the new metal used for the smartphones making it lightweight and reliable. We are not sure about either the company will launch S9 series with Metal 12 or next year smartphones. What do you think about the Galaxy upcoming smartphone material used share your views with us by leaving comments in the comments section given below!

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