If we look at the history, we have been always discovering approaches to end the circumstances that make us hopeless. Carrying water around with yourself wasn’t an easy task so we invented plumbing, for traveling we invented cars, bikes, airplanes and what not, we invented refrigerator to keep our food fresh.

And now the humans are suffering from another source of disease which is dead Wi-Fi spots. For a considerable length of time, we’ve attempted to tackle this issue with different flawed methods like Wi-Fi reach expands. However, they all have drawbacks, as reduced speed of internet and changing Wi-Fi names but it didn’t satisfied us through it.

1 30 Where ever you go, Mesh Wi Fi will remove the Dead Wi Fi Zones in your house
Here’s the difference between before and after installing mesh routers. Green means it’s good.

Thanks to technology, Now there’s Mesh Wi-Fi

Rather than one Wireless Router there’s now a device that can cover the whole house with a great and firm signals, thanks to Mesh Wi-Fi. All you need to install a “Mesh Network” which in the end will give you strong signals at your entire home.

So now all networking organizations providing a same wi-fi technology. Dude, these things are awesome. Since it gives excellent signals than a single wi-fi router, also these devices are all incredible looking. Since we’re individuals and not engineers, it comes with a cellphone applications that make the installation easy. What’s more, it comes with a parental controls (IYKWIM for those websites).

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