In collaboration with tech firm Nvidia the company that company who made a self driving car from the scratch Mercedes Benz announced at the Consumer Electronic Show on Friday that their future cars will be self driving cars. Mercedes also mentioned that they will have AI technology on the market in 2017.

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Image via Nvidia

Nvidia is known for its work in gaming industry, but they Nvidia started working on cars as well recently. Nvidia has shared a video of the AI technology it developed to to teach a car how to drive it self in September, with the car’s learning process beginning with cones in a parking lot and quickly moving to roads.

Mercedes declared its association with Nvidia on Friday, yet the organisations have really been cooperating for a long time. In the declaration, Sajjad Khan, Mercedes-Benz’s VP of advanced vehicle and portability, said the two organisations will have an AI item available inside a year. That probable won’t be AI with all out vehicle self-sufficiency, yet those days seem like they’re headed.

The people at Mercedes were inflexible in their perspectives of AI being the fate of processing innovation, and it appears as though they’re not the only one. The Verge reports that Audi declared an association with Nvidia on Thursday with arrangements to bring a self-driving AI auto onto the market by 2020, and the organisations conveyed a test Audi Q7 SUV to CES that clearly figured out how to drive itself in four days utilizing AI innovation.

Obviously, the discussion about self-driving autos being a couple of years out isn’t new. The distinction here is the AI innovation, which Nvidia appears to have aced—or, in any event, persuaded real producers that it has aced.

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Most autos with some level of self-governance in their equipment and programming depend on things like LiDAR innovation, 3D mapping and calculations to explore lanes all alone, yet Nvidia’s innovation takes self-governance to the new, unpleasant level of an auto just watching a driver to figure out how things function. In the event that this sounds like the frightening, science fiction future you’re been watching motion pictures on for a considerable length of time, it is.

Obviously, it isn’t unnerving from a business viewpoint. Nvidia’s AI offers a ton to producers if its innovation turns out to be a self-sufficiency level fitting for the shopper showcase. Automakers can concentrate on their autos and utilize Nvidia additional items in the event that they so crave, while not having the cerebral pain of making their own particular self-governing innovation sufficiently perfect to be endorsed by controllers.

Along these lines, no doubt, beyond any doubt, this Nvidia bargain has some real upsides. Audi and Mercedes-Benz have understood that. Be that as it may, by the day’s end, these autos are still effectively figuring out how to get things done by watching individuals.