Back in the year 2016, Meizu signed its first licensing agreement with the chip manufacturer Qualcomm. Which let it to today, where the company just announced that its next flagship phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 845 inside.

The Senior Vice President of Meizu just confirmed that the upcoming Meizu X2 flagship from the company, will be sporting the new chip from Qualcomm. This would also be the first Qualcomm powered Meizu phone as well. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise as Meizu have always teamed up with MediaTek to power their devices. But with MediaTek now moving towards efficient and low powered chips, Meizu didn’t have much choice in the matter. Though the predecessor of Meizu X2 does sport the Helio P20 from MediaTek.

%name Meizu X2 To Be Among The First Devices To Sport The New Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SOC

Meizu X2 like its other devices will only be sold in China and other Asian countries with a price tag of $473. Though it’s not decided yet whether Meizu will see an international launch for now. But the phone does sport a Snapdragon processor, so you never know.

Meizu could have also gone with the Exynos 8910 SOC from Samsung. But it looks like the company wants to compete against others in the market. Because with Qualcomm, Meizu would have access to 5G NR in the future. That a lot of other companies have also signed up for including ZTE, OPPO, Vivo, Lenovo and Wingtech. So it makes sense that Meizu is going for a better and safer option. Aside from that using a Qualcomm chip might also help it get a wider recognition.

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Just like Qualcomm, both Samsung and Intel are also working on introducing 5G NR solution for next year. But with Qualcomm already out there with a solution, we are not sure whether other companies will make it in time. So it’s a safe bet to go with Qualcomm for now.

What do you think about Qualcomm powered Chinese phones, would you be willing to buy one?