If you are one of those waiting for the Mega Man Legacy Collection ½, Capcom has something really exciting for you. The publishing studio has actually released some brand-new screenshots from both titles, revealing what seems to be a new mode called ‘Rookie Hunter.’ Have a look:

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Rookie Hunter

As stated by 4Gamer, Rookie Hunter will give players the opportunity to halve the damage they take. You check out this option both in the main menu of the game, as well as a toggle in-game. Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1/2 will be arriving with bonus content for players, this will be including:

  • Gacha capsule toys
  • Cards
  • Soundtracks

Also, a prologue to Mega Man X is becoming a part of both the collections in the form of a 25-minute animated episode.


Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1/2 is planned to be released simultaneously for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC on July 24th.

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