There’s one thing we like to have and that is the “idea” a new thing, a passion, a direction, a path, a fashion, a change. Today, we have run over another one and that is the upcoming iPhone 8 and is named as the “tenth Anniversary of an iPhone”

Ceramic iPhone 8 concept Meet the iPhone 8: OLED Screen – Galaxy S8 might be in deep Trouble
Via: ConceptsiPhone

People are hyped, I mean they are just crazy about it and will kill someone for getting it early as soon as possible. But who aren’t hyped to have one the latest model iPhone 8 to have for him/her selves.

A first upgrade for Apple’s iPhone 8 is an OLED screen. Yet, OLED screens have been being used for many years, with Samsung being the most noticeable cell phone creator to utilize such screens in their latest cell phones.

In any case, as we’ve said some time recently, the iPhone is still the main smartphone that is really important for the enthusiasts with regards to setting new mobile phone trends.

Also, another news appears to additionally strengthen that thought, as it would seem that iPhone 8 bits of gossip were sufficient enough to persuade some Apple rivalries out there to build up on OLED supply.

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The iPhone 8 concept have a 5.8-inch OLED screen that has a curvy screen. On the off chance that you review the Galaxy Note 7, then you know what kinda facts we are dealing here. Truth be told, I’ll go the extent that this idea takes a ton of motivation from Samsung’s suspended cell phones.



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