MediaTek has launched its latest mid-range processor belonging to the P-series, which is the MediaTek Helio P25. This SoC is presented as the update and successor of the popular Helio P20, which bring new features specifically build for the use of the dual camera in smartphones.
Helio P20 and P25 MediaTek Reveals Details Of Helio P25 Mobile Chipsets
The new MediaTek Helio P25 supports a higher resolution camera compared to P20, up to 24 megapixels with a single sensor or up to 13 +13 mega-pixel configuration with dual camera.
The new Helio P25 process data from more than one image sensor, Apart from this modification, the specifications is almost same as the Helio P20, which was released almost a year ago. The Helio P25 run on the octa-core processor which provide a bit more clock for the CPU cores.
MediaTek 2 MediaTek Reveals Details Of Helio P25 Mobile Chipsets

Otherwise, the Helio P25 match to the Helio P20 Both chips is produced in a 16 nm process at the TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited) and have eight cores. The Cortex-A53 octa clocks up to 2.5 GHz in Helio P25 which is 200 MHz higher than the Helio P20. The graphics chip is a Mali-T880MP2, MediaTek retains the same ARM chip used in P20, which can clock up to 900 MHz.

csm MediaTek Helio P20 P25 328967ccd7 MediaTek Reveals Details Of Helio P25 Mobile Chipsets
The chip supports two 32-bit channels that connect LPDDR4X-1600 (6 GB) or LPDDR3-1866 (4 GB) memory.

The Helio P20 / P25 is designed for low budget smartphones. Both provide a maximum display of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, and the integrated LTE modem achieves Cat-6 speed. These are up to 300/50 MB per second in down- and upstream.

WLAN-ac is stock with the additional chip MT6630, which include GPS, Bluetooth and an FM radio.

MediaTek Helio P25 2 MediaTek Reveals Details Of Helio P25 Mobile Chipsets

In terms of video, the modern chip can decode H.265 content in 4K-UHD with 30 fps and encode 4K-UHD with 30 fps in the standard H.264 codec.

According to MediaTek, smartphones with Helio P25 are expected to be launched in the first quarter of this year, therefore, the equipped devices with P25 is supposed to launch at MWC 2017 on 28 February.

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