Martin Shkreli, who got to be distinctly notorious as the so-called Pharma Bro who lifted the cost of an AIDS treatment drug by 5,000 percent, has been suspended on Twitter.

Shkreli’s suspension on Twitter took after his online badgering of independent journalist Lauren Duca, the writer of the broadly read piece titled “Donald Trump is Gaslighting America,” which was distributed in Teen Vogue in December.

Twitter has affirmed that the brief suspension of Shkreli’s account, which was put into effect in the early evening of Jan. 8, was identified due to his provocation of Duca. But there were no further information given, with a representative for the social network declining to be specifically cited on the matter.

What sort of badgering did Shkreli do against Duca? At first, he sent her a message on Twitter to inquire as to whether she could be his date for the initiation of President-elect Trump. Duca posted a screenshot of the message on Twitter, answering to the invite with “I would rather eat my own organs.”

martin Martin Shkrelis twitter account is suspended for harassing a freelance journalist

After the message, Shkreli included a line on his Twitter bio that said he really liked Duca, and changed the picture of his profile to an altered picture of Duca with her significant other, with Shkreli’s face edited onto the face of Duca’s better half. This stirred up a few followers of Shkreli to think of their own altered pictures of Shkreli and Duca.

It didn’t stop there, as Shkreli even changed his backround banner to a photograph arrangement of numerous pictures of Duca, highlighting verses from the 1994 single of John Michael Montgomery, “I Swear.” Shkreli tweeted that he has bought

Now Twitter giving you space for typing replies limited to 140 characters

At the point when The Verge reached Shkreli before he had his Twitter account suspended, he said that he didn’t consider his activities to be a type of badgering and as the freelance journalist has not reacted to his messages nor has she instructed him to stop what he was doing. Shkreli included that the collage of pictures and altered images were like what anyone could accomplish for “Justin Bieber or any other celebrity.”

ct martin shkreli twitter suspended 20170108 Martin Shkrelis twitter account is suspended for harassing a freelance journalist

As stated by Twitter, Shkreli will have to change certain parts of his record on the platform before he can be restored.

“The Twitter Rules prohibit targeted harassment, and we will take action on accounts violating those policies,” said a representative of Twitter to Business Insider, who included the Shkreli’s account on the Twitter-owned live video streaming application Periscope, got a similar suspension.

Duca told the distribution that Shkreli’s badgering against her made him deserve to have his Twitter account suspended. Duca supposes that it’s unfortunate that her case is just getting awareness as a result of the popular Shkreli, as trolling appears as though it is presently an automatic occupational peril for female journalists.

Shkreli declined to remark on the matter.

Online provocation on Twitter has been one of the organization’s most serious issues. The site has rolled out elements to battle against the issue, however more should be done, with the problem being labeled by users as one of the top things to settle and enhance Twitter this year.