How long have you been using Google Chrome as your default internet browser? Well, it just turned 10 years old. It was an equally surprising figure for us. The first ever Google web browser was released 10 years ago now. Though it wasn’t formally named as Google Chrome at that time subsequently, the “fresh take on the browser” took place in 2008.

browser 773216 100599823 large ‘Google King Chrome’ turns 10 – Still the market leader in web browsers!

According to today’s facts, it has undoubtedly become the most popular browser. Google King Chrome has acquired this position from Internet Explorer as a very sturdy successor. Though Microsoft has been updating the Windows’ default web browser which is now known as “Microsoft Edge,” still it lacks way behind Google Chrome.

Interestingly, Chrome was launched as a Windows-only beta app, but Google eventually ported it over to both Linux and macOS in 2009.

After 10 years of success, Google Chrome holds as much as 60% of the browser market share on the desktop. As the world moves toward handheld devices, Chrome is still the market leader. People usually prefer Google Chrome for its whole lot of user-friendly features despite its huge size.

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