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Manufacturers Have Been Chosen by Huawei for its Upcoming 2 in 1 in 2017, for it Surface Pro 5 Competitors.

Huawei 2-in-1

First attempt at a 2-in-1 MateBook by the Huawei Company on a much cheaper price tag helps drive some of the competition against the surface Pro 4. At the end of 2016, fast forward, earlier the company was rumoured to roll out the two powerful machinery on the year of 2017 and it shows that the company has finally tapped with the ODM`s that are going to be fully responsible for the phase to come. The origin of the news closed the matter and have said that the Huawei company has tapped on both the Quanta and Pegatron computer as the primary ODM`s to produce massively for the MateBook lineup next generation.

Huawei MateBooks Next Generation to Sell by More than 2 Millions Units – A Close Competitor for Premium Notebooks and the other Pro 5 Surfaces

During the quarter of the year 2017, 2 of the models are expected to be released and they will be larger in size than the previous model being the 12.9-inch MateBook, this screen real estate for these products and adding more of the battery life. Allowed by the company, the larger factor should incorporate the several connectivity ports, so one can hope for the company does not back out on this. In the transitory phase with Thunderbolt 3, it will be a great idea for to add the Thunderbolt 3 in it and for added productivity hooking up a secondary display to it.

MateBook was firstly criticized for having the battery with low life, something which may have not been happen Intel’s Kaby Lake processors, architecture and the improved designs of CPU should be able to deliver better battery life. The Huawei base model of MateBook came in at $699, so better feature and larger screen size from it successors could result in a higher base price tag. We may hope for it to be a decent surface Pro 5 competitors.


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