Elon Musk company named Tesla continues to signify why its emerging trend among the throng field of giants in the automobile industry isn’t a coincidence, coming with a special holiday greeting. In a recent Model X of Tesla a hidden software update was released untimely this week was said to be an Easter Egg that has allowed the owner`s to put the car they use into a holiday- themed- Light show mode. About five seconds pressing the Tesla logo on the control screen of the car and then putting the access code “Model Xmas” to start the show.

It includes your music and the unique car “Falcon wing doors” Flapping in simultaneously. This Saturday Tesla founder the great Elon appeared on Twitter to give the Tesla owners the instructions on how to get the function of holiday to work.

Another of the Easter Egg in the update that regulated towards those who are the hard rock followers of Musk’s SpaceX pursuit, that requires you to press the logo of the car entering the access code “Mars” to get the reflection of being present on Mars as a rover. Neither of this makes the car better than the competitors. Tesla being treated like the rolling computer that it is, once again Tesla is showing off the technology-native approach to the automobiles. Your move, verbatim every car company on planet Earth.

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