The main story behind the online leak of LG G6 smartphone:

If we talk about any upcoming cell phone, you will find the issue of earlier leaking of that upcoming cell phone on the internet on different websites because these leaked are done by those peoples who are employed or connected with that technology industry. So in this world where we live there is no secrecy of upcoming phone models if we talk about the other leaked pic of Phone, even the Apple brand iPhone was also shown off. So if someone who is interested in finding that model of cell phone was only just need a few minutes to search on the internet so they were known about everything that what features of the cell phone and also the shape and specification of the cell phone.

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Leaks of the cell phone models:

So if talk about the leaks of the cell phone models that is just to inspire the fans of the related technology. So what do you think about this thing, is it looks surprised? Or the proper launch of the cell phone, satisfying the customers? The reaction from the LG company after this leaked news of LG G6. The LG company says that they watched this online news and also photos of LG G6 model just like the others so this was found from the Chinese site and also from the Russian website. So this story is not an imaginary this news is bellowing with reality so we are not Confirming or denying this news. They also reported in the fourth launching of the LG G6 in this month and the event was held at Barcelona so at that time the question raised that why they are hiding the information about the LG G6.

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Online leaked news:

So the reason behind the online leaked news about the cell phones, The new model of the handset was uploaded at all over the world through the Internet to promote that model of a cell phone so the technology Radar was asked for the owner of the LG company so they said that we are developing the smartphones and we will launch the smartphone within 6 months, so till then two teams which were Organized by the LG company was working on the same product so one team starts checking the product from internally and the other The team will start checking the product externally so daring in the testing period, we need time to check the product so after the complete checking we launch the product in the market.