Upcoming smartphone Galaxy S8:

Samsung company facing a bad time because an explosive battery issue of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, this cell phone was strictly banned From airplanes because of the issues of the battery, but if we look at the other side there are too many users of this smartphone company, So they take risk of money and as well as of life to keep using the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung company:

Samsung company provides A lot of features in this device so that’s why users take a risk on it. The most and amazing features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is leading camera of this smartphone and the other function of this smartphone is long, life battery, and on the other side we talk about the upcoming smartphone from the Samsung company so they are going to release Samsung Galaxy S8 in this device Samsung company used fresh and tested hardware which is more flashy and through this changing in hardware they can achieve more practical improvements.

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Samsung S8:

So in this new upcoming smartphone Samsung S8, the screen of this smartphone is more bigger than the previous version of this smartphone, according to trusty sources that the Samsung company can be launched Many sizes in this model like small screen and large screen (Samsung S8, Samsung S8 Edge) and the other side Fans of the Apple company are waiting for the iPhone 8, Which is similar in design and in the shape of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Both companies are using the edge display in an upcoming model.

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Apple upcoming smartphone:

In the Apple upcoming smartphone they are using the front selfie camera, The amazing feature is included in it like the camera will unlock by after the scanning process of your eyeball and the Other Side in S8 they are using a full-length screen as well as the wide width of the smartphone and they are also improving the camera quality in it from 5MP to high-quality 8MP camera with it. Apple is going to include a layer security feature in Upcoming Apple iPhone 8, this feature was introduced in Samsung Galaxy Note 7.