12 3 Luckys Tale Dev: Xbox One X is developer friendly console we have ever worked with

There’s been comments made by developer about Xbox One X who actually do develop games for Xbox One X already and they are taking an advantage of the Xbox One extra graphical capabilities as well. We are talking about guys behind the Lucky’s Tale, it’s very interesting platformer that is coming to Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X as well.

Interestingly this game is going to take proper use of Xbox One X capabilities. It is already running in 4k 60 Frames Per Second and it will also enhance the graphics a little bit, although the game is not demanding graphics wise. It’s one of those games that actually very fun to play.

2 4 Luckys Tale Dev: Xbox One X is developer friendly console we have ever worked with

What’s really interesting is that this interview with Paul Buettner of Super Lucky’s Tale developer Playful, he has spoken about the dev kits about the Xbox One X capabilities and the way you actually develop games for the platform. Bettner further explained to GameSpot in an interview that:

“From a developer’s standpoint, [Xbox One X] is the most developer-friendly console we have ever worked with, Not just because the hardware is super over-powered–which it is. I don’t understand how they … it’s like a high-end PC crammed into this tiny little box.”

“The tools and support we had developing the game is the most advanced it’s ever been. And I think that’s because Microsoft hasn’t necessarily been reinventing [with every new console], they’ve been refining and making it more powerful. This is the best version yet of the Xbox.”

There’s two important statements, one is that he feels Xbox One X is overpowered machine and a high-end PC in this small little box. And another interesting point is the support, the fact that the porting and creating games for Xbox One X is super easy because Microsoft has been working on the optimizing and making the dev kits easy to use and the software’s and the tools are very developers friendly as well.

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