A Luxury based automotive company named LUCID motors, re-imagining what a car can be for users. Recently they have announced that they have formed a partnership with a well renowned company called Samsung SDI to provide the energy for its 1,000 horsepower, having the dual motor electric Air. The company said that they are collaborating with Samsung on “area such as energy density, calendar life, power and safety, they are working on the next generation cylindrical cells that have the ability to exceed the performance benchmark”. LUCID has also announced that they also have entered into the agreement with second battery manufacturer, LG Chem one of the main distributors of Lucid`s products.

lg signing ceremony blog e1482179801273 Lucid motors Re Imagining the Use of Automotive Cars, A Strategic Alliance being formed with LG Chem.via: electrek.co

The cylindrical cells made by the company of LG Chem for Lucid will demonstrate a proprietary chemistry being developed together in the partnership. Lately the announcement been made is to suggest that the battery cells from both the companies will in fact have a different chemical properties. Where both may be used in Lucid`s vehicles, it can become an important part of its plan to provide batteries to other companies as being the part of its power-train supply business.

Being indulged in agreements with the two company will allow Lucid to select the best battery among any given application. “ Lucid is having very high expectations for the cells being used in our batteries and they say they are fortunate to have the two companies in agreement with us and able to work with us to meet out our requirements. Market nowadays has multiple top-tier cell suppliers for automotive applications who being continuing to improve the energy being stored, safety, life and fast charging characteristics to cell. This high-quality emergence of automotive grade cells is a positive development for Lucid and bodes well for the future of electoral vehicles”.

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The company Tesla has also explored working arrangements with several of the battery manufacturers. Its main partner is Panasonic for producing the battery for its electric cars, but it also has approached many other companies as well.

“Tesla is basically testing the manufacturing capability and production of LG Chem, SK Innovation and Samsung SDI” said in the report known as Korea times last May 2016. Tesla Roadster 3.0 upgrade battery supplier is LG Chem.