At CES 2017, Lucid Motors brought up its alpha prototypes first production of luxury EV. there is a minor shipment of these early test cars but the one that made into Las Vegas is the full camouflage. As “they wanted it to be like the dazzle ships in World War I”, said Lucid CTO Peter Rawlinson. Then he pointed out the camo that is actually one of the world’s Lucid exploded across the side of the car. Lucid separates itself from its rivals in a few ways. It started in 2007 as a battery technology organization, which is the way it raised Series A funding. At that point it extended to incorporate electric drivetrains and brought Series B funding up in 2011. At that point in 2014, it got Series C funding to make an luxury EV. The outcome is a vehicle that has been outlined from the beginning to amplify the space that an electric powertrain allows.

It has a similar exterior size, generally, as a Mercedes E-class, while inside it’s more similar to a S-class with a long wheelbase, Rawlinson said. Amid the test drive, a six-foot-six man sat in the back seat with heaps of space to save. Because of Lucid’s development history, the vehicle will have a 300-mile range, with the choice to up that to around 400 miles. The key, Rawlinson said, was Lucid’s achievement technology that allows the batteries to be more than once charged at powerful fast chargers and not debase as fast as contenders’ systems. Discussing contenders, Rawlinson was sure about who the organization was targeting, and it’s not BMW, Tesla. Lucid has Audi, and Mercedes-Benz in its sights.

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“The plan of action works for luxury cars,” Rawlinson said. “Our first product will characterize us and characterize the brand.” Part of that definition is 1000 hp from two engines, front and back, and a normal 0-60 mph time around 2.5 seconds. Rawlinson whipped around the back avenues of Las Vegas, peeping tires with the torque and racing to the stop signs before hitting the brakes. There was power to spare and track-worthy handling, however the inside was as stripped down as it could be. Clear will manufacture the vehicles in Arizona and launch in the US, however it will rapidly grow to Asian and after that European markets.

The auto will meet all security and authoritative necessities around the globe, Rawlinson said, which means the organization just needs to fabricate one auto for the worldwide market. The model is 90-95% prepared for creation. One of the hangups that is creating warmed level headed discussion at Lucid HQ, as indicated by outline VP Derek Jenkins, is the charging standard. Do they utilize SAE, CHAdeMO,or an exclusive framework a la Tesla? On the other hand a mix? Then again incorporate one standard as standard gear with the option to pick another? “a lot of companies are primarily exploring the potential of EV but not a lot are successful”. Rawlinson said. “ enormity of task, they totally underestimated the enormity”. As acknowledged by him, Tesla has made starting a vehicle company look easy but he has confidence on Lucid team of experts and history, as well as the Casa Grande agreement to manufacture.

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