In the conference room there is a screen used for meetings so for that there is a laptop and TV on the wall for the screen it and high quality of webcam for communication. But when we use to do conference mostly tv and laptop works very slow while doing the conference. Logitech’s SmartDock solves this annoying problem, between organisation employees. This Microsoft surface pro 4 tablet decrease that problem very much and give specially Skype for the business environment, called Skype Room System, that control Skype and put meeting go very well with it. Its a very good option when you work on a touch screen display and good quality , such as the Microsoft Surface Hub.

smartdock LogiTech SmartDock For Business Conference Room
Image source: Logitech smartdock

packages And Pricing

You don’t have to buy the smart dock in the store, development in combining with micro-soft i already offered in a shape of several packages. The basic package is $1,999 at various online retailers. But for many companies already have a webcam, including the smart-dock with a Skype room service for the business conference and meeting. The small meeting room conference cost $2,399 in shape of package. Now the large conference room packages for the business people cost $3,399 including two extension for Audio system for the large conference room for many number of people.


The smart dock gives a look of business class simple, attractive and descent its circular in shape dock that holds a core-i5 at a comfortable 45 degree of angle.The glossy black unit measures 9.4 by 13.2 by 8.2 inches (HWD).

smartdock LogiTech SmartDock For Business Conference Room
Image source: Logitech

Normally the hardware devices offer toe USB ports of 3.0 so let the smart dock extent there two ports on its surface of device which can even support usb cables and 1080 HD display input supporting sharing up to 1,920 by 1,200 at 60 frames per second (fps).

Skype software was released for the Linux users