Logitech G560 Lightsync Speakers Review

Logitech G560 Lightsync speakers

Some would find it difficult to believe that RGB is a trick that provides not too much for a real enhancement in gaming, particularly in a pair of computer speakers. But, we’d most often accept that statement. However, Logitech’s G560 Lightsync feature is not a trick. If there’s an RGB product we can recommend that may enhance your PC gaming experience, then here you have one. Although they may not be the best option for the contemporary audiophile, however, we can boldly affirm that they are the most immersive speakers that have been tested to make your gaming experience.

Design and Setup

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Logitech’s design principles are centered on these hardware elements vanishing in the light they develop, and they achieve this with extraordinary success. The speakers and subwoofer are all enclosed in a textured and deep black plastic. 

The subwoofer unit doesn’t have any lighting elements on it, but on every speaker are four bright RGB LEDs associated with strip LEDs within hollowed-out chamber elements. Each of the lights can be unusually illuminated. The fabric mesh grilles are enclosed around the speakers’ 2.5-inch (63.5mm) 3drivers but absent in the 6.5-inch (165mm) subwoofer driver. The designs are controlled and sophisticated enough to get lost in the light that the speakers give off from behind them.

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As for the configuration, it is usually simple. The subwoofer acts as a hub of sorts, accepting the two speakers and connecting to the PC through a USB connection. At this point, you can download the Logitech Gaming Software app and follow small necessary configuration steps.

At that point, you have the choice to control the speakers either through the software or through the hardware, i.e., the Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio jack connection. The second one is how you can effectively play music on these speakers from your phone.


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We discover that the offering’s lighting portion is the most mixed in real-world applications, but attractive and exciting. While the Gaming Software supports hundreds of games with custom lighting profiles, we only had one installed, Portal 2.

We’re somewhat into games such as Fortnite and Warhammer: Vermintide 2. We would have expected that this tool would support the most recent PC games. But, don’t be anxious, for the speakers’ marquee Screen Sampling feature works just as good as the lighting profile did in the debatably old Portal 2.

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Well, ‘just as good as’ doesn’t wholly say a lot about the whole feature, which unfortunately needs that game to be played in borderless window mode, which is a debatable performance hit. You see, although it’s crystal clear that the lights (customizable through digital zones set on your screen via the tool) are responding to motion and stimulus on screen, the colors hardly fit the tone of the screen contents.

Instead, the lights appear to flash all sorts of colors rhythmically with the motions and sound on-screen during intense sequences. During moments of more regular motion and pure color, the speakers excellently suited the tones and hues. It’s so unfortunate then that those moments are small and distant in between in the majority of games.

During the test, it was discovered that the audio visualizer function plainly does not work on PC with browser audio and works solely with local sources, such as Groove Music. Besides, this lighting set appears to closely follow the bass response, nevertheless, doing additional flashing and switching than the mood-setting.

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Most lighting in game-specific profiles, such as Portal 2, isn’t a lot better than the Screen Sampler tool if maybe they are a bit tamer. It’s possible to set general lighting patterns such as breathing and color cycling and sync these settings through other Logitech RGB accessories. Well, if you don’t possess those matching accessories? It would be impossible for you to possess lighting patterns in sync across your hardware.

Undoubtedly, the audio output from these speakers is fantastic. The bass is rumbling and resonant, while the high notes are controlled with nuance and a series of tones. Indeed, your games and movies will sound amazingly through these speakers.

Besides, the speakers provide 7.1 DTS:X Ultra surround sound. It certainly sounds better than without, but it’s still a digitized environmental sound.

Final Verdict

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Logitech has produced some fantastic high-quality sounding speakers for the PC that aren’t somewhat as strong as they could be from a lighting view. For a relatively high price, though, what you will obtain here are speakers that will indeed offer extraordinary flash and enjoyment to your PC gaming setup.

The setup looks a lot more premium than before; the lighting is not as nuanced as we would have preferred it to be, mainly when using the screen sampling mode. Besides, the speakers need to support most of the recent games with custom lighting profiles. In contrast, PUBG and Fortnight should be provided.

Lastly, if you desire to bring additional RGB excellence to your PC gaming setup and don’t mind precisely how you’ll get it, then the G560 will serve you exceptionally. Elsewise, you can find likewise suitable audio experiences somewhere else for a little less.

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