There are many popular services on PlayStation 4 for live streaming like Twitch and Youtube. To broadcast your game live on these platforms You must have an account to link them to your console. If you don’t have any account its better to register on a computer or tablet, as the process is little fuzzy due to the amount of text input with a controller.

maxresdefault 3 Live Stream Setup Guide For YouTube And Twitch From PlayStation 4
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To connect the streaming service to the PlayStation 4, press the “Share” button on your Dual Shock 4 and go to the “Transfer Game” menu. Now select one of the available services and enter your login information, accept the terms and conditions. Now you will be able to connect the console to a YouTube or Twitch account, just choose any of them and start your stream.

Once you have finished setting up the service on PlayStation 4, you can customize the settings for your stream. Selects the name for your stream or enter a short description of your game to help potential viewers know about your stream.

Above these settings, you can also choose whether you want to show yourself via the PlayStation Camera itself in the stream along with a microphone setting. You can also choose to view comments from the viewers that appear on the right side of the screen. Below you set the quality of the broadcast. The higher the resolution will consume more bandwidth.

Once you have customized all the settings, you can start the live stream. If you have connected your PlayStation 4 with your Facebook account, you can also notify your friends or followers about your live events. With the “Share” button, you can change setting in the live stream, such as the quality of the video, camera or microphone. If you want to end your broadcast, press the “Share” button and select “End transmission”

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