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Lisa Su confirmed that RX Vega will be launched at SIGGRAPH 2017 in Las Vegas at the end of July

RX Vega

AMD said that they were going to show some RX Vega stuff on Computex 2017, there wasn’t any real product show or any other specs to show. They did show a love Demo of Prey in 4k  with Two RX Vega in Crossfire. 

 Now the game looks very smooth, there wasn’t any dip or stuttering or bottleneck. Everything was smooth, the only thing was there were some frame tearing.

It means that maybe they had V-sync off or maybe they have used a freesync monitor for this demo maybe because they wanted to show the raw performance of the GPU.

The takeaway here is that Lisa Su did say Vega will launch at SIGGRAPH 2017 in Las Vegas at the end of July. And she did say “launch” so, hopefully it’s not another delay or push back to some other time. So, hopefully we’ll have official launch at the end of July.

A lot of people are disappointed because of the lack of RX Vega information during their presentation. They should have showed a little bit more because the wait for Vega now is just like wait for Volta.

At this point we have a question on all this delay for Vega, now we understand that they want to release it during SIGGRAPH 2017, because SIGGRAPH 2017 in Las Vegas is a pretty large graphics convention/Interactive convention. 

They should release it immediately if their product is that good. It is really frustrating to see all this delay for RX Vega if they have something great on their hand.

Maybe it is just good and not something great. Please let us know in the comment section below, what do you guys think of all this Vega delay.

Do you think something is not right with RX Vega?

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