The Android group has said farewell to Cyanogen Inc. after it shut its shop a month ago. CyanogenMod users who are worried about the fate of their gadgets can now breathe easily as LineageOS reported that it is currently prepared to assume control from where Cyanogen left it.

LineageOS Is Presently Live

In a blog entry, the group behind LineageOS expressed that gadgets that bolster Android Marshmallow and Android Nougat will begin getting experimental and daily revamps one weekend from now. These gadgets could refer to those that have been flashed with the CM13 and CM14 assembles.

If you happen to visit their site, you will discover official models for the Google Nexus 5X and the Nextbit Robin prepared for download. If you cannot wait to get your hands on LineageOS now, there are as of now unofficial models accessible on the web.

hqdefault 6 LineageOS to resume where Cyanogen left off and build for marshmallow and nougat supporting gadgets get prepared


Group Support

At this point the developers appear to be very energetic and efficient in their approach. The declaration instantly incorporated all the basic data that gives users how they expect to go forward. There is the reference to the way that the site and the LineageOS activity is open source and in this manner depends on the group for survival. It immediately gave the link where users can make their donations.

LineageOS elements

The announcement likewise included what one could most likely call as advancements in contrast with the way CyanogenMod has been utilized. For instance, there is the test movement builds, which offer the capacity to streak your gadget from CyanogenMod to LineageOS without cleaning out any user information. As is typically the situation when introducing custom ROMs, ensure that you back your records up in case something happens. There is likewise the validation framework that could turn out to be huge in the way engineers keep up the security of the LineageOS.

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“Our official builds will all be signed with a private key for authentication and signature permission control,” the team stated. This will not break, prevent or stop any ‘unofficial’ builds.” the group expressed.

cyanogen LineageOS to resume where Cyanogen left off and build for marshmallow and nougat supporting gadgets get prepared


Users will have the capacity to check if their ROMs have been altered. A devoted page has been set up for this reason. At long last, LineageOS does not bolster local root usefulness. You need to download a different zip file for this, which can be downloaded like gapps. Engineers have guaranteed that models will be launched on a week after week premise. It is a huge request particularly with the way that they will bolster more than 80 Android gadgets.