To celebrate Trump’s presidential victory, a Russian smartphone maker comes out with a brilliant idea; Caviar releases a limited edition of Gold Plated iPhone 7; Gold Platted ‘Trump’ iPhone 7 in fact.  The handsets, iPhone 7 Is comes in pair of smartphones and the move seems an apparent effort; to honor lovefest of global relationships; especially with the US!

The smartphones by luxury handset maker have the portraits embossed either of the US President Donald Trump or the host federation’s own  President Putin; a feature that Trump’s personal and secured device doesn’t possess.

Putin iPhone 1 Limited edition of Gold Plated iPhone 7 Is Out: Either With Trump Portrait Or Putins Face 

Having an embossed Vladimir Putin portrait on a Russian handset  only may have not made headlines but under the shadows of ongoing ‘controversy’ surrounding the two nations (over Presidential Election); the move is likely to stir further controversy instead.

Not only the portraits of the two world leaders are embossed on the iPhone 7 in question but the customized handset by Caviar have yet more features to offer. If the initial two lines of both American and Russian nations’ national anthems are there to be found, so are the coats, of both the countries’ arms…nice gesture!

About The Phone Features and Price

The internal storage of the Gold Plated iPhone 7 is said to be 32 GB. Caviar presented the handsets in smart-looking premium ‘wooden boxes’ for now. However, the idea of presenting the phones in a further attractive manner is also under company’s consideration; they plan globe-shaped wraps or boxes to be introduced very soon.

As far as the price is concerned, buying the Putin – Trump iPhone 7 set would cost RUB 399,000 for local customers while  $6,659 for others. Likewise, individual handset customers will be charged RUB 199,000 and approximately $3,313 respectively.

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The interested ones thus have both the options available; choice is their’s!