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LG’s New 77-Inch W7 OLED Is The Most Expensive Display On The Market

LG’s New 77-Inch W7 OLED

LG just announced its 77-inch variant in their Signature Series W7 OLED lineup. Where the ‘’W’’ stands for wallpaper as the TV is as thin as a wallpaper. So aside from the big display size what’s special about the new LG OLED TV? Well it certainly is the price tag, which would set up back $20K for the 77-inch model.

LG also offers a small much cheaper version of their W7 OLED TV. Which comes with a 65-inch display instead and a price tag of $8000. Now you might be wondering what will you be getting for such an expansive price tag. Well it’s the new and gorgeous display technology from LG. Which offers one the most vibrant and brightest display, among its competition. This is because the company uses an OLED panel. Which instead of showing black color, turns off the pixel. This results in true blacks which is amazing to look at in person.

Aside from that the TV panel on the LG 77-inch W7 OLED TV is just 0.2 inches thick. Though there is a very nice implementation to how LG have achieved such a thin display. The LG 77-inch W7 OLED being a wallpaper display will go on your wall. While all the wonder is done through a separate box that is connected to the TV through a ribbon cable known as the Dolby Atmos soundbar.

For users who can’t afford LG’s signature W7 OLED lineup. The company also offers a more affordable lineup as well using the same OLED technology. This includes the C7 and B7 W7 OLED TV’s. The only difference here is the inclusion of 10-watt built in speakers on these TV’s. Compared to the high Dolby Atmos soundbar that comes along with the signature 77-inch W7 OLED TV from LG. Which does offers a significantly better sound experience than your used to.

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