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LG V30 Might Feature A Secondary Slidable Display According To Even Blass


The new G6 smartphone from LG have received a lot of praise. Where the smartphone is definitely a step up from its predecessor the LG G5. Now LG is planning to launch their new flagship smartphone known as the LG V30.

There is not much known about the smartphone. But according to recent rumors LG might include an OLED display this time around on their upcoming LG V30 smartphone. Compared to their current LCD display technology being used on the LG G6. According to a notable leaker named Even Blass, the upcoming LG V30 might come with a secondary display that can slide.

Having a secondary display is not something new about the smartphone. As its predecessor the LG V20 uses the same kind of technology. But according to Even Blass the secondary display on the upcoming LG V30 would slide. Even Blass also included a few renders of his own, showing what he means by a slidable secondary display.

The concept almost looks like the PRIV smartphone from Blackberry. Where in order to use the keyboard, users would need to slide their phone up. Same might be the case with the LG V30 smartphone. The current LG V20 does come with a secondary display. But the implementation is rather not reliable. This is because of the big display that the smartphone comes with. While the secondary display is placed on the top of the smartphone. Which does not make it a convenient place to operate.

If the upcoming LG V30 was somewhere near what Even Blass proposed. Then the smartphone might offers something new that we have not seen before. Aside from that it would be nice to use a secondary display that is in reach of our fingers.

What do you think about the new LG V30 concept from Even Blass?  Is something like this possible from LG.


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