Remember the feeling of holding a slider phone some 12-15 years ago? Newest rumors suggest that the LG V30 may be a slider phone with a comparatively large secondary display.

pic 2 LG V30s rumored design includes a slider and a comparatively larger secondary display

According to the news from the rumors mill, there are some hints regarding the design of the upcoming LG V30 which may be opposite to your expectations. LG’s V series has been pretty impressive in its specs and the two models of the series have proved their worth as a second option after the signature G series. Many were considering a similar kind of design with better features in the V30 but the rumored pictures have started a new discussion now.
Famous smartphone leaker, Evan Blass has rendered the image and says that LG V30 which is also known as Project Joan, will be having a totally different design as shown in his tweet


V-Series for Geeks

If you are thinking about the company’s weird approach in V30’s design, it is actually a convention that LG has been following in its V-lineup. If you rewind the scene, V10 came with a unique design having two cameras at the front. Also, a secondary display was introduced in the device for some unknown reasons.

pic 3 LG V30s rumored design includes a slider and a comparatively larger secondary display

In the next model V20, LG ditched the secondary display and placed the dual camera setup at the back of the phone. Now, if we witness the bigger secondary display again with a slider, it may not be a weird thing as LG has been experimenting much with its V-series designs since the start.

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Nothing’s Confirmed


Evan Blass himself is not confident enough as if the company is planning the same anymore or not. He actually provided a list of all possible designs of the V30 which show the possible placements of the secondary display.