Does the iPhone 7 Plus have a worthy competitor in the all-new LG V20?

These two devices are the latest flagship offerings of Apple and LG in the phablet market.iphone 7 plus and LG v 20 both introduces dual camera lens. Apple has advanced  that its iPhone although i phone camera lens are considered best lenses Comprized of wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens, the iPhone 7’s rear camera is is best capture high definition photos.

maxresdefault 13 LG V20 is better phone than Apple iPhone 7 Plus in the term of camera quality , shock absorption and short charging

LG V20 can be charged quickly

It is a rapid charging era, Apple is low charging phone at yet. LG V20 is able is able to be charged in less time -Quick Charge 3.0 that enables  the device fast enough within in a short time.

Customized and easy to install gadgets

The jailbreaking communityis familier with the breacking of iOS and it suggests that the iOS needs a lot of improvement. LG V20, offers simple user interface and widgets that are easy to install. The custom skins like those in LG and Samsung are better-looking and more personalized. iPhone 7 has not yet implemented such feature.

LG V20’s multi-taking screen

V20 supports dual screen mode,Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. The split-screen enables users to perform several function at the same time. There have been introduced few application and mobile phone that are able to perform multi tasks at the same time.

LG V20 is shock absorbent 

LG V20 is MIL-STD-810G certified it gives the good coverage of damage what it may fall from the hand . Millitary grade material of air crafts has been used. The drop test has proved its resistance its tough and hard core phone. While both iPhone 7 and V20 both phones are not water resistant they are not enough capable to take into deep diving.

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iphone 7 plus vs galaxy note 7 LG V20 is better phone than Apple iPhone 7 Plus in the term of camera quality , shock absorption and short charging time

Finally, when it comes to camera quality Apple 7 plus is better phone but on the remaining specification its LG V20 is a reliable phone in the terms of resistance and short battery timing.