After the launch of LG G6 the company is now diverting all its attention for the launch of its next flagship smartphone. Which we all known by now is the upcoming LG V30 smartphone. The LG ”V” lineup is a smartphone segment from LG that offers a phablet sized smartphone. Aside from the leaks and rumors we now have a confirmed launch date on the smartphone. Where LG launched a teaser recently confirming the smartphone launch date to be the 31st of August. Though no other details were mentioned inside the teaser.

The teaser also confirm two things. One of which is that LG will be launching their LG V30 smartphone. Which can be seen on the wallpaper of the smartphone shown in the teaser. As the wallpaper shows a ‘’V’’ sign on it. Aside from that the display does also extend to the far edges of the smartphone. Which also confirms that LG will be using the same FullVision display that we saw on the LG G6. While the new LG Q6 also comes equipped with one. Putting a FullVision display on the LG V30 will also reduce the overall footprint of the smartphone. As ‘’V’’ branded smartphones from LG comes with a pretty large display. Including both its predecessors the LG V10 and V20.

According to recent rumors the fingerprint scanner on the LG V30 will be placed on its usual place. Which is on the back of the smartphone. Where the smartphone will also come equipped with a USB Type-C port. But when it comes to the screen size on the smartphone. Do expect it to be bigger than what its predecessors had to offer. Which should be somewhere around what the Galaxy S8+ offers but with LG’s own OLED panel. Aside from that there will also be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 running under the hood.

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