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LG Reportedly Responsible For The Manufacturing Of Upcoming Google Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphone

Google Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphone

We finally got some light on the next Pixel smartphones from Google. Where according to the recent report Google is working on two new smartphones. Which includes a successor to the current Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. Though previous rumors suggested that Google was working on three new smartphones. Which also included a smartphone with a bigger display than the current Google Pixel XL. But according to currents reports Google would no longer be going with that decision. As the company is shifting its attention to only providing two smartphones this year.

Some leaked information also pointed that the two new smartphones from Google are codenamed Walleye and Taimen. Where code-name Walleye will be a successor to the Google Pixel. While code-name Muskie will be a successor to the Google Pixel XL. Aside from that rumors also point towards LG being responsible for the manufacturing of these two new Google Pixel smartphones. Which does not come as a surprise as LG has been in the game with their Nexus 4, 5 and 5X smartphone.

According to recent rumors the upcoming Google Pixel successor code-named Walleye will sport a 5 inch display. While the successor to its bigger brother Google Pixel XL code-named Taimen will sport a bigger display. Maybe Google is also shifting towards the new 18:9 aspect ratio standard. Where we might see a smartphone with a bigger display. But in a smaller footprint maybe even smaller than the current Google Pixel XL. Google has also asked developers to adopt their apps to the new 18:9 aspect ratio. Which does point towards the fact that Google might also be launching a smartphone of their own that supports this new aspect ratio.

What do you think about these two new upcoming Pixel smartphones from Google? Would you like to see a bigger display with thinner bezels like the Galaxy S8 or LG G6.


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