At a customer electronic show LG has released it new  smart device LG Hub Home robot.It is multitaskig device that has it’s artificial intelligence and built speaker few other application has been installed to remaining necessary home function like setting alarm and orders vacuum cleaner for dusting etc.

lg hub robot LG Hub robot your intelligent home assistant
LG hub robot

Powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice recognition technology, it is perfectly competent technology to Amazon Echo and Google Home. Your LG intelligent home assistant can play music ,tells weather forecast it is more human friendly device ,switch location,response to emotions  displaying face in front of screen.

screen shot 2017 01 04 at 8 31 14 am LG Hub robot your intelligent home assistant
LG’s new Hub Robot ties together the smart home

The device – a little white machine that has two glowing blue “eyes” on the front.This robot have much larger part that has been used at air ports At South Korea offering the information to traveler about departure yet it is human friendly version of  air Kiosk. Door-in-Door refrigerator is another application by LG in smart use of hub robot ,we have to order food directly it will come out the required item.

C1V1joEUUAAOJBV LG Hub robot your intelligent home assistant
LG Hub robot mini

The company has intended develop a smart home ecosystem with help of “full Alexa experience,”.

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