With the trend of bezel-less phones getting more and more intense, phone manufactures are now running out of space to place sensors. Which includes numerous sensors and a front facing camera. Apple way of fixing this issue was through a hardware notch. That can now be seen on every other smartphone this year. Though LG might have an elegant solution with its upcoming LG G7 phone.

According to a leaked video the notch on the LG G7 might be optional. The phone will feature its own software. That will let users to either turn off or stick with the notch. Though users will be missing out of some of the screen if they decide to go with the no notch option.

2018 03 01 image 3 LG G7 To Feature A Notch That Can Be Controlled Through Software

This move from LG will also be to embrace the new Android operation system known as Android P. That among other things will also bring in support for notch. This new idea from LG is rather creative because unlike other devices, the users of the LG G7 will have the option to remove the notch. Because on devices that comes with a hardware notch like the Asus Zenfone 5, users are stuck with the notch.

LG is also expected to launch its next flagship device the G7 and G7 Plus this May. Aside from that the phone is also expected to feature an OLED panel with Quad DAC audio system. There will also be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 under the hood. Where everything will be powered through a 3000mAh battery. Just like its predecessor the upcoming LG G7 will also feature a dual camera setup and is expected to come with a dual 16MP lens at the back.

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lg g7 neo mwc leak 3 LG G7 To Feature A Notch That Can Be Controlled Through Software

With the current rumored launch date, LG seems to be behind all its competition. But with a new design and a headphone jack we are hoping that the next flagship from LG will do much better.