If somebody wants to make its latest smartphone be noticed in the crowd then he should not go for the big event to introduce his device like MWC. he should first give small and juicy points about his device get already in public’s mind because many manufacturers are going the race of getting public attention for their products.  LG is recently doing promotion about its upcoming LG G6.

maxresdefault 1 8 Initial News Of The LGs New  Idea For Expansive Display
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LG new handset is not like anything like its previous phones LG was looking very exciting about vastly upgrade the size of the UX of the phone along with new multi-tasking, camera features, and calendar. All these applications will use the 18:9 ratio which is full vision display of the phone and the new square GUI. G6 is the next generation flagship device and will have a unique display of 5.7 -inch QHD and have 18:9 aspect ratio with round corners. It is using perfect proportions of squares in its display this time.

LG G6 has focused on camera this time that means we can review and take a photo simultaneously. The shoot images will be in a ratio of 1:1, due to “Square Camera”. It will be perfect for apps like Instagram. It will be using Android 7.0,s multi-window mode, the G is perfect for split interactions. LG has added a host of latest specs to its  UX 6.0 and has heavily customized to fully use the expansive display.

LG G6 Display Initial News Of The LGs New  Idea For Expansive Display
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LG G6 will be showing the first impression of its devices from the show floor in Mobile World CongressWell! it was only the first teaser and some rumors but these are not quite enough information to get the full know-how of LG unravel plans about LG G6, but it is for sure that G6 will have quite interesting uses implemented with the new UX and its full vision display. In a new teaser, we are waiting to see more about this handset, on which we right now have the very small sample of knowledge on how LG is utilizing the display on G6.

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