LG rumored it’s flagship of new device LG G6 in February.It has been almost confirmed through different rumors by some LG officials.It would be first launch at home country,South Korea.The MWC of LG will be held in Barcelona,Spain.The company has not given any details about upcoming mobile phone.

LG G6 deals LG G6 TOP Half image Of Smartphone Revealed expected to release Feb. 26


LG G6 Image top half of the mobile phone:

LG G6 that shown up the top half of the smartphone, from which more information regarding the device could be estimated.It is guessed from  the image LG has given up on making a smartphone without antenna bands. The more interesting information could be extracted from the image is that the display has rounded corners, this is the feature which has been recently seen in the Xiaomi Mi Mix and also rumor S8 will also be with curved edge.

images 20 LG G6 TOP Half image Of Smartphone Revealed expected to release Feb. 26


However, the rest of the design of the LG G6 same like it’s predecessors .The curves in the smartphone’s metal and sensors are nothing new.The screen-to-bezel ratio of more than 90 percent for the LG G6 and  its minimal top bezel is impressive.At the back there is dual camera and finger print scanner.

LG G6 Moves away from modular design:

LG G6 has been focused on design other than modular design.It said to be made of metal and glass no plastic component has been used.Well plastic has been used in previous LG devices.It will have water proof feature and a headphone jack.But the battery of LG G6 is nor replaceable.Another feature is that LG G6 will have Google assistance ,it is first time introduced in LG.Previous LG devices has been complained about over heating.But now the copper has been used.It has been tried to control LG heating and possible damage due to battery.

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